February 27, 2012

✥ Reader Feature: Craft Room Reveal ✥

I am having a fabulous week with my grandmother. She's here visiting with me from Cali. This has meant a week off from blogging- well, for the most part. I did find the time to share this awesome craft room from Anna @ Directions Not Included with you guys!  
 You've all heard about my spare bedroom that multi-tasks as a place for guests to stay, an office for the Hubs and myself AND a dumping ground for projects past and present!! 
So obviously I am super duper jealous of your guys' craft rooms and this one from Anna is like a little crafty dream come true!
Hi there! I'm Anna from Directions Not Included. I'm so excited that Becca asked me to share my craft room/office with all of you. This room has been my special haven as we tackle a full house renovation by ourselves. It is actually the first room in the house you can consider finished. I have my priorities straight!

I share the space with the hubby so we have two desks. The one on the right is his computer desk and the one on the left is my main crafting area. Both desk tops are made from hollow doors we stained and sealed. The bases are IKEA drawer systems for me and some repurposed file cabinets that I painted for him. 
The room is a decent size but the key to an organized craft room is using all your space wisely. Little nooks make a great place for my calendar and keeping everything contained helps create order when I'm making a mess crafting away. 
This cubby system from IKEA was an inexpensive investment that helps me contain a bunch of odds and ends within reach of my work area. 
Shelves on the left of my desk help organize and display some of the more colorful pieces of my supply stash. Who doesn't like looking at ribbon and thread on display. Same goes for glitter organized on some cheap picture ledges. 
Opening up the closet by removing the door and adding a simple DIY curtain helps maximize the storage for all the stuff I don't want hanging around outside. 
This is the hubby's area where he runs the business part of his ceramics studio. I'll admit I cleaned up his desk for these photos. He's the messy one with piles of papers. Since he helped me get this room finished, I can let the messiness slide most days ;)
Seeing as this room looked like this at the beginning of 2011 when we bought this house and when renovations started, I think we've made some good progress.
Becca, thanks again for letting me share my room. I hope you all enjoyed and please stop by Directions Not Included to see what else we are up to in our crafty and DIY adventures. Hope to see you around!
I love the color scheme Anna chose and how white and crisp all the is furniture. It makes me want to learn how to sew just looking at it- OK, well maybe not that! But it does make we want to plow through my huge pile of half done projects!!
 I love the creative use of a hollow core door for the desk top- I think it looks like a million bucks! Anna creatively extended the length of the door since one was not long enough to cover the desk and extend to the wall. Check out her tutorial if you're thinking about doing the same type of project.
She also has a ton of craft tutorials you should check out when you have a minute.