December 14, 2011

✥ Stencil Fleur de Lis Ornament ✥

Remember this one time when I was all, Cutting Edge Stencils rock- and I told you that you should totally enter the giveaway for a free $50 stencil? {Which ends tonight by the way!!} 
In my package from them I received my free stencils- they add $5 worth of free stencils to every order!!

So, I thought a Fleur de Lis ornament would be just perfect. Nothing like a couple free  stencils, an extra glass ornament, and some Martha Stewart glitter to
create a pretty little ornament. Oh yeah- this ornament is actually made from two different Fleur de Lis stencils- I got them in two sizes.
The blue glitter is the larger one and then the silver is smaller.

 If you don't have any small stencils and you want to make your own- you can try printing off your shape, then cutting it out of a thin plastic sheet- like a plastic folder. Instead of drawing in the stencil- I spread a thin coat of Elmer's glue and sprinkled on the glitter- piece of cake!

Make sure you enter to win- and thanks for coming by!