December 16, 2011

✥ Paint Swirled Ornaments ✥

Today we giving the deer a chance to show off some new ornaments, and giving the rhino a well deserved break from ornament holder and poser for pictures!!

I finished these paint swirled ornaments back when I did the others, but then I got all side tracked sharing my new stenciled curtains and DIY curtain rods- so some ornaments went on the back burner. 

These guys were made with some Martha Stewart satin craft paint colors.
Just drop some paint in and then tap or rotate the bulb to get the look you're after.

I love how they sorta look like globes.  Doesn't the green paint resemble continents?

Mostly, I love the easy and inexpensive way to add some color to your tree.  
I know you all are busy with holiday crafts, what are you guys making these days?

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