December 11, 2011

Magnetic Play Sets [Disney Characters+Backgrounds]

Good Morning Friends!
 A little background on this project... At the church I attend, I am on a  committee that organizes and designs the gatherings that the women in the church will attend. It's like a party planning committee, except the parties usually consist of a spiritual aspect as well. 
We have a December activity, and it's event that tops all the others of the year. As we were developing an agenda I took a note from some past years' and proposed we start our night with a service activity for someone else. 
That's how these magnetic activity kits came about. We found a need here, locally, and on the list of things I could need as donations were magentic activity kits. Yes! Perfect, something we could have the ladies make, that would look great homemade! 
{One thing I was concerned with, that the gifts look "homemade and awesome!"- not "crappy homemade, like no one cares enough to by you stuff."} 
I didn't plan on sharing these on the  ol' blog, but I just love them so much!
I compiled images from clip art sites, they are not for profit use images! For personal use only! Please don't make these and try to sell them!! 
Although, I can see why you would want to, they're awesome!!
Make Your Own:
Download & make Color Copies of my document onto cardstock 
- or- Find your own backgrounds and figures

I made one version for boys and one for girls
BOYS: The kit contains 4 backgrounds and 4 sets of comic book figures. 
The comic book figures include 1 good guy and 1 bad guy from each of 4 comic books, 
& they each have two poses. In a tin lunch box.
GIRLS: The kit contains 4 backgrounds and 5 sets of Disney characters. 
Each sets of character consists of 3-4 images, including supporting characters or the main character in different positions.

Buy Magnetic Sheets- These go anywhere from $1-3 a sheet! The cheapest can be found from Oriental Trading Company. Even if you have to pay shipping, they'll be cheapest there- by a long shot.
Some sheets you can

✧  Buy a metal container to put your images on and in- little lunchboxes can be found at Joann's & Oriental Trading Company- where I purchased mine

Cut the figures out- This was where the service project came in, I had the women cut out their own sets. Some people included the black extras magnetic sheets for the children to draw their own characters.
Kids can play with the magnetic pieces on the outside of the tins, like this girls set. 
Or on the inside cover, which makes it a perfect toy for the car or to take with you on the go!

Now, here's a shot of the boys' outside.

And then, a shot of the boys' inside. 

I am thrilled to be giving some very deserving children these toy sets. I think they came out splendidly and they ladies were so happy and willing to cut them out and compile them!
I hope you'll enjoy them, too!