December 24, 2011

✥ A Gardenberger Christmas ✥

I wanted to share a few images from our version of Christmas.  Here's a few pics of what we've done around the house this year.

The rhino and deer remain adorned with paint swirled ornaments.

We made paper chains from printer paper, sprayed with glitter and with left over paint chips.

We added a new accent color to the tree for very little money. You guys saw some of the ornaments I made this year. Well I made a bunch of glitter covered ornaments and colored glass ornaments as well. 

Glitter ornaments were made very easily with clear glass ornaments covered in Elmer's Glue, then sprinkled with more Martha's glitter. You can see my snow globe ornament and, at the very bottom of the photo, you can see the top of the mercury glass ornaments I made using the Looking Glass Spray paint.

This blue/green colored glass ornament was made with Elmer's glue and food dye using this great tutorial from Sand and Sisal. I also made some with Mod Podge and food coloring but I didn't know to dry them in the oven and it took forever! They came out like a clear colored glass instead of opaque, very pretty.

 I made a few more chevron ornaments since I liked this first one I made as an Anthro ornament knock off. I love the ornaments snow covered ornaments from My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia, so I made a few of those. She used a glue stick and Epson Salt's to create this look. I tried that, but liked a more snow covered look- so I switched it up and used Elmer's Glue, I also added some glitter to my Epson Salts and I think it looks so pretty.

This nativity ornament is a real beaut. I had it pinned on Pinterest, but I didn't actually make this one. Remember the committee I'm on for my church, where I put together the Christmas activity for all the women who attend our congregation? {When I made the magnetic play sets.} Well, this was our hand out for all the women. A talented friend on the committee made 80 of these awesome ornaments. She made the cut outs using her Cricket. Love it!

I made white clay key ornaments- three of them. I think I may work them into my gallery wall when the holidays are over- I just love them so much. I wanted skeleton keys for ages now- and finally just made my own. Would you guys like a tutorial to make your own? Just let me know and I can work one up! 

Each year we have friends and family over for a a ginger bread house building party/competition
We only use graham crackers, nothing fancy.

{From top to bottom} My sister made a sweet winnebego, complete with Santa poking his head out the window. I made a snow covered church, with stained glass windows. Z made a graham cracker Chichen Itza pyramid. I know, not very Christmassy- but he is very, very happy with it! And my mother-in-law used some mad cake decorating skills to whip up this winter wonderland home. I love her little snowmen with sprinkles in place of carrot noses!

We still have our magnetic advent calendar on the fridge. You can print your own numbers  if you want.

Do you guys remember the Christmas card pics we took?  {Our version of a popular Pinterest picture.)

 Here's where the banner ended up- all the in the back of the room on the sliding glass doors.

 And of course the faux zinc letters I made about a month ago sit on the console table.

And that hideous wreath I made over sits on the door. I think it's an amazing example of what a can of spray paint can do- cause that thing was so, so ugly!

And that, my friends, is all she wrote. I hope you enjoyed my own home tour this week. {Sorry if the repeats bored you.} I hope you all have the merriest of holidays and filled with the radiant love of your families. I appreciate each of you! Thank you for reading, for your friendship, and for sharing yourselves.