December 4, 2011

✥ DIY Pottery Barn Globe Ornament ✥

If I'm being honest, I have to say- I debated about whether or not to share this ornament.
Try as I might, I could not get the lines perfectly straight! The joys of painting a globe on a sphere.
Well anyway, for 60-ish cents, I figured it wasn't that bad. {I hope...}

The inspiration for the ornament comes from Pottery Barn, well- from Pottery Barn via Pinterest. 
I love me some globes, although this in is ridiculously inaccurate. My apologies to Canada, I think you guys and the island countries took the biggest hits for on size and shape.

Wanna make your own? You'll need:
*Extra Fine Craft Glitter- mine's from Martha Stewart
*Silver Paint Marker {for glass surfaces}
*Glue, Elmer's is fine

*Painter's tape
I started with the vertical lines and used tape to get {at least} those straight. The painters tape will pull up the paint marker, so no overlapping- bummer.
Since I couldn't use tape to horizontal lines, I decided to skip ahead to the countries. That way there would be less open space to cover.
I painted on Elmer's glue, then used silver and a light turquiose glitter. The plain silver may have worked for PB, but for mine it seemed a bit washed out.

Lastly, I used the edge of a piece of cardstock to wrap around the globe to use as a reference for the horizontal lines. Basically, used it like a pliable ruler- now that I think about it, I guess I have one of those. Hmmf.
Anyhow, not a perfect system, but good enough. Like I said, for 60 cents I'm pleased with it.
Do you ever feel that way once you're finished with a project? Sometimes the results really exceed my expectations and then others, not so much. :)

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