November 21, 2011

✥ Reader Feature: Wow! You Won't Believe This Kitchen! ✥

This week will knock your socks off! I mean, like wow!
I really wanted to have Mary Ann, a talented interior designer,  from Classic•Casual•Home show you her space. If you guys remember back, I first showed you all a pic from her upstairs loft when her light fixture inspired my DIY drum shade. Well, you ain't seen nothin' yet!

When Becca from  Gardners 2 Bergers asked to feature our kitchen, I asked, "Are you sure people aren't tired of our kitchen?"  Then I thought, how ridiculous--there are millions of people out there who have never seen it.  Plus, Becca has some good questions that I have never really addressed before, such as...

1.  Did you work with a designer for this space? 
2.  How did you come up with your "want" and "need" lists? 
3.  Is there anything you would change about the design? 
4.  Is there anything you would change about the renovation process?

1.  I was the designer for this 1950's California beach cottage remodel, but I worked very closely with Adrian, our contractor and expert carpenter.  We raised the ceiling in here as much as we could and added the tongue and groove.
Look at some of my very rough drawings that I found recently...
 Ha!  Doesn't it look much better in person!??  Thanks to Adrian.

2.  How did you come up with your "want" and "need" lists?
This was our third kitchen that I designed and we like to cook (especially my husband).
We knew we were going to spend more money here and cut back in other areas of the remodel.  So, the want/need list was pretty long...
  •  The Viking Six Burner with Griddle Gas Range.  This is one extravagance that my husband wanted (and friends said "let him have it as we will ALL benefit").
  •  Large Island for Serving.  
  •  Sitting Area to Keep the Cook Company (I just added the rug for the cooler days ahead)
  • The Walk-In Pantry (with obscured ribbed glass).  We lost a little hallway for this but we actually use the appliances in the pantry.  They are plugged in so my son can make a smoothie or toast without hauling the appliances out.  
  •  The Beverage Center.  In addition to the wine refrigerator, we have filtered cold and instantly hot water taps.  I organized everything in an industrial tool tray and we enjoy capuccinos from the Nespresso maker. 

  •  We have small property lots on Lido Isle, so we had gauged slate extend out on the patio to make it feel larger.  This is the patio just after a bit of rain last week.

  •  We used every little bit of space in the island as you can see here..

  • These are comfortable, padded counter stools...and easy to clean. 

3.  Is there anything you would change about the design?  Not really, except I think I should have probably put in sliding doors here.  I like the look of French doors better but sliding doors would give us more space on the patio.  The low ceiling was just something we had to deal with from the 1950's design.

4.  Is there anything you would change about renovation process?  No, the whole house was completed in about nine months.  You can read more about it HERE, with before and after photos.  It helped to have good, reliable workers and a positive attitude!
Thanks, Becca, for letting me visit.

See what I mean? 
Isn't she fabulous? 
 I love her classic style. Make sure to head over and check out the rest of her home! While you're over there, she frequently does home tours on her blog and has been in some beautiful properties.


  1. Wow, that is amazing! I love the crisp white color. It makes everything pop! Absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I adore every room in Mary Ann's home, but that seating area in the kitchen has to be one of my favorite parts.

  3. We just love Mary Ann! Her home is so gorgeous and this kitchen is beyond amazing. I have always loved how she puts the appliances in her walk in pantry so that the counters stay uncluttered in the kitchen. She is seriously one talented lady and so kind too! So glad you featured her here Becca! :-)

  4. I love Mary Ann's house. She is such a sweet person. Nice post!

  5. FANTASTIC INTERVIEW! I love Maryann's kitchen its got such a beautiful and happy vibe..I can so see cooking in there with a glass of wine in hand, jazz humming away in the background, Mary Ann is a doll and this was a lot of fun. Thank you both!

  6. Mary Ann is very talented and has such a gorgeous home. I'm so glad to see her work showcased like this!

  7. Hi Becca: Left you a comment this morning (doesn't show up?) and then we spent the day driving up to Mammoth. Thanks again for having me over! And thank you everyone for your nice comments.
    Mary Ann

  8. Everything is just lovely! I want that Viking stove!! Mary Ann's blog is such a treat to visit. As is her kitchen!


  9. Love Mary Ann's fabulous kitchen. She is so talented! Her blog is just as nice. So nice to learn about your blog.....I'll be visiting again.

  10. What a beautiful kitchen! I love Mary Ann's blog, she is so talented! xo K

  11. Mary Ann designed a beautiful, bright kitchen!

  12. Now that's a kitchen! I can't wait to have my own! Great feature Becca!

  13. I have seen her beautiful home before, but I NEVER get tired of seeing it. It's a classic that never gets old!

  14. I'm one of the people who hadn't seen Mary Ann's kitchen before - thanks for asking her to share it with your readers, it's gorgeous! Everything is so well thought out, and the stove is awesome! Love the ceiling too, both the angles and the tongue & groove.

  15. MaryAnne's house is one of the best here in blog land, she has done a fabulous job from start to finish.....Not to mention, she is a sweetheart and one of my must read blogs!

  16. Beautiful kitchen! Loving your storage solutions! Enjoy the gorgeous start of the week, Kellie xx

  17. I have not seen this kitchen before - thank you for sharing, again! I love that everything has a storage place..appliances, beverages, etc. Walk-in pantry is a dream to have. Love the natural light too.


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