November 7, 2011

✥ Reader Feature: Reupholstered Stripey Chair {& more} ✥

Can I first say, I have the raddest readers! You guys have so many ridiculously gorgeous projects, I am so excited you guys are getting to see each others' projects!
Today Barbara {from hodge:podge } has agreed to share her oh-so-fabulous chair makeover. 
I LOVE her blog and her projects, so I asked her to show you a couple extra pics for some eye candy.

Thanks for having me over at your lovely blog Becca! I am thrilled to be here! Let me introduce myself:  I am a caffeine-fueled DIY and design obsessed gal living in Canada's "wet" coast sharing my decorating adventures on my blog, hodge:podge My goal is to create a fabulous home without breaking the bank. Some projects I have tackled around the house:
DIY Diamond Tufted Headboard:
Silver Leaf Ikea Rast Hack:
Pillows Made from Free Chiang Mai Dragon memos:
But today I will show you a first for me, re-upholstering. I tackled this in the spring not knowing what "fun" I was in for! When I was out and about with a few local bloggers, I came across this fabulous chair for $50! But the ugly vinyl had to go. 
It took me forever.
Here is a quick rundown of what was involved. 
Removed the ugly vinyl that was nailed on with a gazillion 1" nails and nail heads. 
That took forever, patience was needed. 
Then removed second layer of dusty fabric that was nailed onto the frame with hand forged nails. Those took forever to remove.
Can I say that again? 

Achy hands set in. Took a break. Cursed a bit. 
Found straw stuffing under the upper part of the chair. Sneezed a bit. 
Stapled fabric onto chair. This was by trial and error. Cursed some more. 
Then nailed in 223 nail heads. 
It was too much to make a tutorial
I am happy. The chair is done. 
Want to see?

Will I ever try something like this again?
 Not sure, after all that work I don't think I would hesitate paying a professional.
It took gads of patience, persistence and it made my hands hurt, really hurt. 
my total cost might make me try again.
Chair: $50
Fabric {from Ikea}: 2 m @ $7.99m = $16
250 nail heads @ $ 0.8 ea = $20
Grand total: $86
Much cheaper than hiring a professional. 
Thanks again for having me Becca.
 Hope my two bits have helped inspire you to create something fabulous!
Later peeps,

  Barbara is so funny! I knew you guys would love her and her projects.
If she was selling her stuff, I'd be buying. :)
Just looking at her chair makes me want to add some black and white fabric into my home ASAP. 
PS. If you're in love with this fabric, like I am, it's  on final sale at Ikea.


  1. This chair turned out way gorgeous! Great job Barbara! One of these days, I'll have to post my first...and only...reupholstering experience. :)

  2. The chair turned out gorgeous! I LOVE the bold stripes! What a fabulous job!

  3. Great job! Ikea fabric, wow, I really like it, maybe on my next trip over there, thanks for sharing!

  4. Thanks for having me again Becca! Your projects put mine to shame!

  5. Great post Barbara! You did a wonderful job with the chair.

  6. Love Barbara- she's a superstar for doing that chair herself- upholstering is soooo hard- I tried it and gave up after 2 hours of hell...very impressive that she knocked that chair out herself! Happy to have found your blog:)

  7. That girl never ceases to amaze me!!!! I think I'm going to hire her to do my entire dining set. I have a feeling our poor girl might have early on set arthritis. It's tough being Barbara!

  8. Love! I'm so impressed with Barbara's dive-in approach, and always awesome results. 223 nailheads?!!! You go girlfriend!

  9. The chair is great, isn't it! Barbara can do amazing things with stripes. :)

  10. I love this project (especially the fabric) and I appreciate Barbara's honesty about how much work is actually involved :)

  11. Barbara's DIY projects are always so fab and inspiring. Love that chair. And now, I'm off to poke around your blog ;)

  12. wow - that chair is amazing! Off to check of Barbara's now!

  13. Crikey...I love that chair! Barbara just dives in....and when she does it is usually awesome.

  14. Wow, I LOVE the stripey chair...and not just because I have red stripey chairs too! Just wanted to drop by and thank you for your comment on my kitchen on remodelaholics, you're so nice!

  15. Great job updating the chair! It looks fantastic!

  16. Barbara is amazing...I love the lines of the chair and the fabric just makes it really sing! Great paisley pillow, too. This is so impressive...I could never do it.


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