October 7, 2011

✥ "My" New Sectional? ✥

Here's what it looks like now, but here's a little story from the beginning.
Once upon a time a girl decided on a living room makeover.
She worked out a plan to sell all her old furniture and decor & then decided to spend the HUGE majority of the funds on the grey sectional she longed after wanted!
After many, many months a couch was finally decided upon and purchased from Bassett Furniture.
It had a foot print like this-
Four weeks later "a" gray couch arrived. 
Unfortunately, it wasn't our couch. I wasn't the couch we ordered. Here's a pic-
All the specs were right-size, color, fabric, cushions- BUT the footprint was wrong. It has a 90 degree angle at the corner, rather than the curved back it was supposed to have.
Bassett ordered the wrong sofa. {*Uggh} and {*Grrr}.
After two more weeks {of haggling} and {possibly some legal threats} the wrong couch was taken away. This blog actually helped me win our claim against the store!

They were claiming the delivered couch was correct and that we just forgot what we ordered. You know, sometimes people just drop a large wad of money on a sofa but have no idea what it looks like! {huh?}

Luckily for me, I was able to send them my posts regarding our purchase. Showing I did know the difference between a couch with a curve and one with a 90 degree angle. That proof {along with some legal threats} finally got them to remove the wrong sofa and promise that the new, correct sofa would be delivered in an additional 4 weeks.
For those of you who weren't counting, that's 10 weeks start to finish!
Unfortunately, my old couches were sold before the first sectional arrived.
So the living room looked like this for an entire month! {plus two days, but who's counting?}

This house may or may not have felt like a college pad for a month.

Very inspirational, huh? Doesn't this photo just make you want to take design tips from me?!

Maybe you guys want to pin this? lol  

Here's the long awaited for sectional, in all her glory.
It feels great to be grown ups again and the couch came just in time for my family to come to town- thank heavens!

Not sure that I could recommend Bassett to any of you.
In fact, they were supposed to have nail head trim applied to the bottom of the couch before we came to pick it up. Instead each Bassett employee had a different reason why it would now take longer than we were promised. So we should just come to get the couch and have the trim applied in home later.
Awesome. So glad they promised something else they didn't deliver on. {not said bitterly}
I do believe we have a sofa that is great quality and will last a long time.

{Update} I've been getting some questions about the sofa itself.
I kinda feel like a brat. I didn't even think to mention the couch's good characteristics or all the  customizable options.

Here's the rundown-
-We were able to choose from a bunch of different layout options. However,  our space allowed for only one or two footprints. I mentioned in irritating depth that we picked a "Curved Corner Sectional."
-We could choose from tons of different fabrics. Way, way more than all the other furniture stores and believe me; I went to every single one in my area. We picked a chenille fabric called "Smoke."
-We were able to pick the size of the couch, like the actual frame size. It's a "large" or "Manor", as they call it.
-There were 7 options for arm shape, we picked a track arm.
-There were 6 back of the couch pillow shape choices. We choose a box edge to keep things streamlined.
-Best thing about the cushions, ever, is the LIFETIME Warranty! How great is that!
-The feet-you can pick a skirted bottom for a relaxed, slipcover look- but we picked a regular old square foot.

The couch is a great combo of soft and firm. Soft fabric, very cushion-y, but also great support.
Everyone who has come over has commented on it, even peeps who didn't know it was new!

So you've seen the "in progress" photos.
I am totally dying to start the next projects, I have a great idea for my over the couch art and can't wait to make some curtains and recover my old ottoman and finish my side table project and reupholster a new chair {along with 1,320,884 other projects}!

Gotta get crackin a lackin!

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  1. Sorry you had such a horrible time with them, but the new couch looks beautiful. After reading your blog, you'd think they would know to keep you happy. Nailheads at home, who ever heard of such a thing?

  2. I think the new sectional looks amazing in your space! I love the whole look that you have created! Great job!

  3. Well, boo to Bassett's poor customer service... however, that is exactly the couch I am lusting for! Is is super comfy and deep? It is absolutely gorgeous, and a great starting point for what is sure to be an awesome makeover!

  4. Such a traumatic story in place of what should've been a fun experience. How frustrating! The couch now looks great and way better than the first one they sent. Beautiful job.

  5. Oh dear! Yes, I chuckled. 10 weeks is a long time to play at living like students, though. I have to admire your patience and perseverance. And it does look lovely.

    There is something I've realised, reading these blogs, however. Grey is coming back, isn't it? Just as I buy myself a brown sofa *sigh*

  6. This looks amazing - great new couch!


  7. Very nice.. glad you go everything sorted out! It turned out great in the end :)

  8. what a furniture buying nightmare
    of a time you had

    your lovely new sofa
    looks perfect in the space
    and i can't wait to see what else you do

    thanks for linking up to fridays unfolded!


  9. That couch certainly looks wonderful in your space. Kinda like you planned it that way, LOL! Glad you now have your couch. Customer service is so dead in some stores.
    ~Kimberlee at SD

  10. It was worth all the hassle and wait. It's a great looking couch! Enjoy it, you deserve it after all that!


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