September 15, 2011

Vintage Suitcase & Food Storage

I have been coveting the suitcase decor trend for awhile now. This week I finally dropped five whole dollars at the DI {thrift store} on two blue lovelies.

Check out some awesome suitcase inspiration-
This is almost a carbon copy of one of the suitcases I purchased.

Do you guys have vaulted ceilings? 
If you do, then you probably have some weird nook, where the wall stops and doesn't touch the ceiling. This creates a strange, dust collecting, ledge that's ridiculously hard to decorate.

Unfortunately, I have a major lack of storage space.
Well actually, the condo has great storage for a "normal" people. But when you are packing in a year's worth of food, hygeine products, cleaning products and 3+ months of animal food-
well, you get the idea.

This is what we have been living with. No amount of Photoshop is going to spiff up  this picture. It is what it is, dust collecting ledge "awesome" architectural feature being used as an animal food storage shelf.
{Yup, there's a grill up there too.}

I almost mentioned this ledge way back when I first started blogging, in my post about small space food storage solutions. But then I quickly realized the post was intended to be about food storing SOLUTIONS, not eye sores in your living room!
Enter the suitcases.

They'll be working double duty. On the one hand I needed some older items to temper all the modern pieces I've been buying or refurbishing.
On the other, they'll be creating some {always} needed storage. The suitcases are large enough to each fit a 20lb of cat/dog food, with room to spare! Yay! Totally awesome news because we believe in food storage and don't want our furry family to starve, but I cannot look at cat food bags even one more day!

 Pretty much these sweet little babies are saving the day!
The dark blue one had a name written on it in black sharpie. I used a Magic Eraser and it took it right off. Actually, the Magic Eraser took off like 40 years of grime off of each of them. Uh, gross. Next I cleaned the exterior with my homemade all purpose cleaner.

I used my carpet cleaner on the inside fabric and scrubbed the heck out of it!
Where the fabric was gaping, I used some spray adhesive and just shot it right into the hole! Then smoothed the fabric back down and it worked like a charm.
This is what things are looking like these days. For now I'll be keeping the color. I have so many projects planned that involve this side of the room, that it just doesn't make sense to change them yet.


 I am thinking about painting them. Mostly I'm playing around with the idea of a light gray or a white with gray undertones. Don't these look beautiful? I like that the hardware is painted, as well.
I have some more to add on this side of the suitcases, a few more vintage items.
But was actually thinking about getting one more suitcase. That would be one more bag of food out of sight or out of my guest room closet.

What about you guys? Have some hard to decorate area of you home? How about storage problems? Or storage solutions?!

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