August 23, 2011

✥ Restoration Hardware Inspired Blueprint Art ✥

OK. I know what you're thinking, "aren't you finished with that gallery wall yet?"
And believe me, I feel ya. But when you figure I haven't really paid anything for all the "art" pieces I have finished, I guess it's not too bad.

Today's quikie project, Restoration Hardware inspired blueprint art.
Have you guys seen their massive piece of blueprint art. It measures something like 5 ft long! Anyhow, here's  a miniature version for my little space.
This project was totally painless. First I found some blueprints or schematic drawings online. I was looking specifically for images of bridges. I looked for bridges from places we like to go, specifically Cape Cod, Brooklyn and San Francisco.
{BUT-Make sure the graphics are public domain!}

On the left is an example of what they looked like pre-photo editing.

I uploaded them to Picnik, then to be able to change both colors, you click on "Create" then you want to click on "Effects." You're looking for "Duo-Tone;" once you find it you're able to select the colors you want to contrast.

I picked stark white and matched the gray to the Restoration Hardware image in the photo. That got me to this image on the right.

I decided the smaller writing would look itty bitty and possibly blur (as my pics weren't the highest resolution.)

I decided to edit out the smaller the words and replace them with the bridge's actual measurements, but in a larger font. I figured this would be pretty "blueprinty." Here's the print, framed and on the wall. 

Here's the last close up. One of my favorite places, San Fran.

Thanks for checking out the "Mini Me" version to Restoration Hardware's Dr. Evil 5 foot gorgeousness!

UPDATE: My SHOP opens 4/2/12. So swing back by if you'd rather just buy one of these!!

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