August 7, 2011

✥ Easy DIY "Eye Chart" Art ✥

Do you guys remember when I shared my progress on my gallery wall?  I outlined my plan for completion and it included creating personalized art. One of the ideas I've had my eye on are these eye chart art pieces. I think they're funky and cool, but especially if they're custom.

There's a website called Eye Chart Maker {aptly named, right?} where you can input the words you choose and it will put them into eye chart format. So sweet, am I right?
This way we can nab someone else's idea on the cheap {only for personal use and giving them full credit, of course} or make a one of a kind piece- like I've done.

You can play around with the program, creating rough drafts as quickly as you can write a sentence. There are a few limitations to what you're able to create. You are bound to a certain numbers of letters and lines, providing limited flexibility. This calls for some creativity- but it's a fun challenge. 

These are a few of the 20+ options I came up with. It took me some time to play around with the letter restrictions and line restrictions. Apparently I'm wordy or something?

In the end I uploaded my draft to Picnik so I could add another line, or two, of text.
Here's my final result.
This project was a lot of fun to do. It's a super easy way to get that eye chart look!

I hope you guys will make your own, cause I can't wait to see what you come up with!