August 3, 2011

✥ 20 Cent Zebra Map Art ✥

Here's a quick little project I whipped up that cost me a whopping 20 Cents!!
Right now I'm working on my goal to create some personalized art. This project was fun and easy- you'll love it!
You need: a printer
a zebra {or any animal} pencil sketch image
a map
a frame
I have several old maps from pre-GPS days. For this particular project I looked through to find a meaningful place that was composed of colors I was decorating with. I ended up using an old atlas page with a map of Colorado.

Next, I selected a pencil sketch of a zebra. I used a site where you pay a nominal fee to use their images, in this case- twenty whole cents! ☺
Next step, print out your image. My advice, just make sure you know how your printer works. You're thinking, uh, duh, it prints on paper. But I mean, does the paper need to be inserted face down and should the top of the paper be facing towards you or away? You don't wanna use a bunch of maps trying to figure it out.

For an additional image option, I believe you can edit an image using Picnik or similar software into a pencil sketch image. That way you could make your own.

Thanks for checking out my little project. Pretty easy, right?
 I love it, I think it looks so cute.
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