July 22, 2011

✥ Finished Crate & Barrel Knock Off Lamps ✥

The other day I recovered that melted lampshade with burlap which gave the shade {and the lamp} a whole new life. This project was similar, but with a few tweaks due to the fabric chosen. NowI'm recovering lamp shades for the Crate & Barrel Mercury Glass knock off I did. If you remember back, I got one Restoration Hardware shade from Saver's Thrift Store for $3, and then bought another with the same shape and size from WalMart for 10 bucks. So now I'm in 13 bucks for two shades. I've been looking for grey fabric for month and a half and finally found some I liked for $1.50 a yard. Well worth the wait!

▷ I used about 1/2 a yard of fabric per lamp shade- but when you buy your fabric you should allow for 3/4-1 yard of fabric each.
▷The only difference between covering this lamp shade with a light cotton fabric and covering the last one with burlap -  you MUST iron your fabric.  You should iron all of the fabric, but especially the seam where the fabric will overlap. This is super important if you want your lampshade to look store bought. At the seam, fold a flap of fabric between 1/4"-1/2"wide inwards, making sure it's straight, and iron that seam well.
▷Lay the fabric on a smooth surface and spray the side fabric that will be against the shade with a light coat of spray adhesive.
▷Begin rolling the shade onto the fabric and adhesive, pressing the fabric firmly against the shade and smoothing any wrinkles as you go.

▷You can use glue or the peel and stick "Stitch Witchery" to hold the fabric in place, rather than a glue gun (like with the burlap shade I recovered.) I think this was a good choice with a thin fabric and the seam is well, seamless!

After ages of looking at mismatched shades I finally have this project finished! Hallelujah! I KNOW all of you understand how crazy this can make you- to have this "sore spot" right in the middle of your room!

Here's the final comparison of all three lights- my two thrift store knock offs and the Crate and Barrel original. Of course mine aren't an exact copy, but in total I saved 280 bucks and I think that mine have the same feel as the inspiration. I am pretty proud of how the faux mercury glass turned out.

Thanks for reading!

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