June 23, 2011

✥Sneak Peak-Sectional✥

You all know how I've been shopping for a grey sectional for months?! You guessed it, we decided on one! Yahoo! It was custom made and will take a few weeks to be made but remember when I talked about the mac compatible room planner found on the pottery barn website? I decided to use it to give you a sneak preview of our new couch~ 

As you can tell, I went with the larger size but the curved back. I like how the seating works better in the corner seat with a curved back, it allows for a for someone to sit correctly and have full room for their legs. With the true L shaped sectionals you cannot sit back in that spot and have leg room.

For now that's all I'm doing, if I can get the pics off my new phone I'll give you a few fabric swatches to preview as well!
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  1. IT looks great. Although the corner seat (with your feet on the couch of course) is always our favorite seat in the house! ;D

  2. We have a large leather corner suite and we love it. Lots of room for everyone to sit (or lie). Hope you're very happy with yours as well.

  3. Looks great!
    Thank you for sharing this as well!

  4. Well, I am definitely going to try that out. Sometimes it can be hard to find these kind of things that *are* Mac-compatible.


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