May 25, 2011

Versatile Blogger?

 Well, I don't know about versatile but I'll take the compliment from Lesha at Uncluttered Lifestyle. She presented it to me for my Upholstered Headboard, ironically she had just done an awesome nail head trim message board. You guys should most definitely check it out- I am already thinking of ways to make it my own.
After receiving this award I'm supposed to list 7 random things about myself and pass this award on to 10 blogs I recently discovered.

Where to start? 

(1) I love working with and helping kids even more than I love decorating and crafts.
(2) I can never name a favorite anything- no favorite movie, book, color- but if I had to say a food it would be ice cream, cause I'd still have zillions of choices.
(3) I've been skydiving and scuba diving- both in Hawaii.
(4) I mostly tell the truth- unless it's a pinky swear and then my word is as good as gold.
(5) I like to go fishing, but I can hardly think of a worse food to eat. *Blech!
(6) I will withstand any level of discomfort to collect seashells or Japanese glass net bobbers.
(7) I do almost every project at night, without fail around 7-8pm I start feeling crafty. Then I photo shop all my pics to make it look like they were taken during the day and without a flash.

I had an idea for passing the award along, I thought I would take it as an opportunity to pass it to people who have followed my blog. To take an opportunity to look through your guys' projects!
The 10 blogs I'm presenting this prestigious award to are as follows:

Brandy and Dave  -You should check out her CUTE kid's bedroom redo.
The Purple Froggie Clay Stuff -They have a very unique linky party and in which they choose someone from the the party to guest host- very cool idea!
Laugh Love and Craft - This is great newer blog that has a TON of links for FREE products and savings, too good to pass up.
West Furniture Revival -This is a blog I actually read every time she posts, I just love her bold furniture makeovers and her clock makeover inspired an upcoming project.
Nifty Thrifty Things -Vanessa is the sweetest party host ever, I link up with her every Sunday and every week she comments on each of my projects. She also has great taste.
Love Seweet Love -Holy affordable projects Batman! I'm liking the bean projects, like a lot.
Pleased as Punch -This Mamma does it all -sew, craft, cook. Love her chair slipcover.
Just Organize Yourself- I think I'm organized, but Joy knocked my socks off! Great, great ideas!
White Life -Inspired by the color white? Not only does she put it together beautifully she's a fantastic photographer.
At the Picket Fence -I love the first project I saw- putting feet on your kitchen cabinets to make them look like furniture!
 Flavors of Friendship  -A yummy recipe blog that allows you to post recipes on it too!

Make sure you guys take some time to check out these talented ladies.

Thanks again, to all of you, for taking an interest in my crafts and it was great to see all of yours!

- Becca -