May 14, 2011

Copyright-I mean Copycat Book Wreath!

This project is no biggie, cause basically I'm a total copycat. 

I love these book pages wreathes that you find all over the Blogosphere and decided to make one for myself. I saw them selling for $40 on Etsy- so let's save some dollars, shall we? 

I looked high and low for a wreath form from a dollar store and they don't sell them around here.
My cheap side almost won out and I was going to make a 10 inch cardboard circle to use as a base but finally decided I wanted the final product to include the depth created by a 3D form. So I bit the bullet and bought one from Joanne's for a whopping $5.

The book, however, was a 49 cent find from Saver's (thrift store)- and it came with aged pages and beautiful teal colored trim- just what I wanted!

I looked up "book page wreathes" on Google Images and decided on my favorite style. In the end I went with this one as my model from Lindsay at Living with Lindsay. She did a great and easy to follow tutorial.

For my wreath I ended up checking the OCD at the door and tried to let the creativity flow. {Easier said than done! lol} In the end I primarily used two shapes over and over. I circular tube and a ruffled looking page. I really liked the varying textures.

The tutorials I looked at said they used under 200 hundred pages to complete their projects- so I made sure my book was over two. However- 4/5 of the way through I had about 4 pages left. *ugh*

For about a minute I thought about waiting to finish so I could look for a matching book-but I really don't think I would find one and I'm so impatient!

See? Crap-ola.
So I was left trying to thin out the layers I'd already done and scrape together enough pages to cover the middle. The back looks like crap-ola cause I took off the bottom two rows- see where I cut some off? But...I got it done.

I still need to use some pages of something(?) to cover the styrofoam back so that it cannot be seen in the mirror.

To hang it up I just bent a paper clip into a hook- I didn't have any straight pins, you know- cause I don't sew!

I think it turned out pretty close to the inspiration- but still uniquely mine.
Not bad close up- but now you can see why the mirror isn't hung- darn thermostat. This wall will probably be the new gallery wall anyhow, so this setup is temporary until we can make up our mind about those new couches already!

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Thanks for popping in today!
- Becca -
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