April 8, 2011

Pom Poms

I know these are all over the Internet since Martha Stewart had a online tutorial, so obviously these are no secret. But darn aren't they cute! I am planning a baby shower for a gal who is still a student. So when I planned the decoration for the shower I tried to incorporate projects she could keep in the nursery as part of the decor, like this. Shoot, I wish I had a kiddo just so I could put them up in their room.
So deciding on this project was a piece of cake! 

Here's what I started the project with:

tissue paper-6 packs of 8 sheets each to do 6 pom pom balls
twist ties
fishing line (not pictured)

 Now, accordion fold 1 1/2 in sections of tissue paper starting with the shorter side or the width of the paper.
Note! You do not need to have very tight compressed folds. The ones that I did lightly folded were MUCH easier!

Once folded it will look like the picture to the right. Secure the the middle and then attach your fishing line.

Now round out the the ends of the paper to your desired asthetic. I tried every pair of scissors in my house. Seriously, the sharper the better for this part.

Lay your "fan" flat and start separating the tissue paper. Be careful to separate each layer. You want the top layer to end up sticking straight up in the air (at 90 degree angle to table).
Don't meticulously separate the paper into neat layers for this project. I did the first one very slowly  making sure each layer was pulled straight our and still folded like an accordion etc. It doesn't look that good- less full and fluffy.

Instead, just wiggle your fingers to the center and start lifting the paper up. Make sure you separate the layers all the way to the center, that's how the ball becomes full.

Whatever you do, do not do this project at 1 am and then forget to cut one side of the pom pom into the curved shape and then start to separate it and then realize it and try to fix it layer by layer.
It WILL look like crap. 
Not that I did that. ; )

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