April 5, 2011

Condo + Food Stoarge = Creativity

As I look through all these awesome, creative bogs I am so surprised at the lack of apartment dweller bloggers. In fact, I think only one of the more popular blogs I follow is done from an apartment. I know apartments are not for everyone and if you're a house person, and I am, they can kind of suck.

We moved to Utah from Colorado when we sold our home as the housing market was just beginning its decline. It was not a good time to buy a home and we figured we would rent somewhere temporarily until things started to pick and and then we'd buy.

Well, we are still in that "temporary" two bedroom condo and I would like to introduce you to my secret food storage stash. We have food storage bursting at the seems in this place.

It is under our bed, under the twin bed in the office/"guest room for only one person", in the closets, above the kitchen shelves, in the outside closet and on top of the weird nook in the the living room. I spent countless hours organizing our stash and almost cannot believe I am going to show you how we are actually bursting at the seems beneath this organized exterior.

 This is our closet in the guest room/ office. Obviously anyone staying in our house will not be able to hang up any clothes. I've just put some hooks on the back of the door to supplement. More importantly though, we have all our short term food storage in this closet, as well as animal supplies, out of season clothes, and to the right of this armoire repeat food storage is stacked. Stuff that we have like 50 boxes of like wheat.

Under the guest bed we've put long term storage items that we actually use and try to rotate through. This can be a little inconvenient to get to, but I can actually lift up the bed myself to get it out

Under the mater bed we've put the things we've bought to supplement the items from the cannery. Items the cannery doesn't sell and that we only have a few of. The bed is too low to stand them up, but this has worked pretty well so far. We've also opened a few boxes from the cannery and rolled them under here to make them more accessible. Like sugar, flour, and apple slices.

In the master closet we've utilized the corners and built up stacks or our repeated food storage items. This is actually completely out of our way so it works well for us- but the closet does NOT look like it came out of a magazine.

On top of the kitchen cabinets we've put some Ikea storage boxes. Inside we actually have random items like our emergency candles, propane, and the wheat grinder.

I doubt anyone would look twice when they see them but for us they provide extra storage to hide our emergency essentials.

I hope that showing all our little secrets can help others living in apartments. We can still be prepared and provide for ourselves, it's just a matter of prioritizing and creativity!

Thanks for coming by!

- Becca -


  1. wow, very creative, but don't know how you keep track, I lose Christmas presents in two months when I tuck them away...lol

  2. This is Trish from www.preparednotscared.blogspot.com
    You just left a comment that I didn't quite understand - you said, quote "I'm not sure if this is blogging faux pas or not, but I just did a post about living in a condo and working in storage for ALL our food storage.Sorry if this is rude or something." unquote. I don't think it's rude?!?
    I wanted to let you know that the creative ways you stored your food were well thought out and I'm sure also very incouraging for others in the same situation. I just moved into a house that is 2200 square ft. smaller than my other one. I am also having to be very creative! Lovin' the challenge though! Thanks for sharing your ideas with others!

  3. Thanks so much for stopping in!
    @M.S.T.D.- I actually have a system to keep track, maybe another post for another day?
    @Tricia- I'm super new at this blogging biz and am unsure when it's appropriate to link back to yourself. I need "Blogging for Dummies" to learn the etiquette. Glad I link up my tips though!

  4. I always thought beds were there to store things underneath :) I live in a Condo and have to get very creative with my storage too.

  5. Very creative--sometimes you have to use space as you can; very neat and organized. Patty

  6. Those bath stores sell bed leg extension things in 2 heights - will the taller one raise you bed enough so you can store your cans upright?
    Supply storage is sooo important and you gave me good ideas on how-to even in tight quarters. Thanks

  7. Gail- You are so right! Actually even the shorter one should work as the bed is less than an inch too short- THANKS a million for the suggestion. Now all I can think about is how much more will fit under there!!

  8. What an awesome use of space. I lived in military apartments (which are known for their complete lack of closet space) & rentals for 11 years, so I know how frustrating it is to try to figure out where to keep everything. You did great!

  9. What great ideas we are getting ready to move to Utah and moving from a house to a two bedroom condo our selves, now I have some great ideas for finding the hidden spots around our new place for our food storage.

  10. Wow, well, that's creative! Storage in a place like that seems pretty tricky at first, but I imagine that it becomes easier to track all of the stored stuff after a while. Keeping a list or a system around would make things easier too. Still, in a way, it's quite fun to do something like this, no? It helps keep clutter low and things organized around the home.

    -Colby Moore

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