March 26, 2011

Getting down to Business!

Z and I inherited an antique dresser set from my family that we have been using in the master bedroom. It is very decorative with scrolled wood work in a deep ebony brown. We love having it mixed in with all the other modern elements in our home. But, it has prevented me from having a headboard for years because nothing really matched.

I decided to get an upholstered one a while back but my cheap fruggle nature prevented me from spending the $300+ to buy one when I knew it couldn't be that hard to make one and I bet I could do it for under 100 bucks.

So first and foremost I started my search. Which ones do I love and what would I want mine to look like.

I decided that a rich fabric would best compliment the ornate dressers, so I was leaning towards something like velvet. I liked the idea of nailhead trim- I thought it would boost it out of the "I did this at home" look and into the "of course I paid a ton of money for this" look.
Urban Outfitters- Modern Velvet

Now I know there's a ton of info online of how to make your own headboard, mostly because that's how I'm learning how to do it!

But I think I will primarily outline my budget saving ways and gloss over the stuff you could find anywhere. (As for the how to, I really liked the info I found on )

So- the list of things I will need to buy:
batting padding
nailhead trim
hanging apparatus

Let the search begin!