April 26, 2012

✥ Easy Restoration Hardware Subway Sign "95th" Knock Off ✥

Life has been kinda busy- you know, with having to read the whole Hunger Games series on top of real life commitments! So this week will be an easy peasy little project! Good news is- it will be easy peasy for you guys too, if you plan to make your own!!

Back when Z had a real office, ahem- before the living in the condo-ness- I had a bunch of black frames up in there. Since then, they've lived in a box in storage. When I saw this subway art on the Restoration Hardware site I knew my frame was a dead ringer for theirs! Perfect! 
Well, almost perfect, see theirs is ginormous. Like 8 feet tall or something. So, I guess mine is the "mini-me" version of their awesomeness! 
Buuut, mine was almost free since I had the frame on-hand. Even new it was less than 10 bucks at Walmart {of all places} The subway art print cost me 10 cents {seriously, 10 cents!} to print up at Staples. Just tell'em you want an engineering print. They can print just about any size you'd like! 

HOW TO: I used the background for my one of my other knock offs, for Z Gallerie subway art. In that post you can see how, using Microsoft Publisher, I make the background look like it has some dimension. Then you pick a few fonts and add the names. E. Z.
I made mine an homage to Boston. I grew up in the suburbs there, and I'll always love that area! This one took almost no time at all- super doable project. By using a little creativity with Word you could make an exact duplicate- if you wanted to!

What do you guys think? Not too shabby for a 10 minute project, no? Beside, I hadn't made myself any "art" in awhile- and it felt good to get back in the saddle. Thanks for reading!


  1. that looks so good! you are so good at knock offs!

  2. It's funny how I like your projects better than the original almost all of the time! You are so crazy talented!

  3. Gotta love a good knock off! This is super cute!

  4. Another fabulous idea!! Love your mini me version!

    And I've got to read the Hunger Games series - saw the first movie but my girls have read the books. Gotta catch up!

  5. I love this one as well as the large one you did last year. When you say "take it to Staples" do you take it on a flash drive, SD card, or make a print yourself and have it blown up by Staples?

  6. WOW!!! Great tutorial Becca! You are one talented ckickie! Looks phenomenal! Hubs and I went to Boston for our honeymoon (we did a road trip to Toronto, Boston and through Maine) - we had so much fun there!!! It's one of our fave cities that we have visited.

  7. Becca-you just amaze me with your awesomeness-loving this on, sistah!
    Stop by and kink up this weekend if you get a sec:)

    Kim@Too Much Time

  8. Becca,

    Seriously. .10? Can you print as large as you want? Like poster size? I am totally pinning this ASAP....and then running to Office Depot to see if they have engineering prints. You always have the best ideas!


  9. I think {like everything you do} that it is awesome! I love RH but the prices are always outside of my budget. Your mini-version is beautiful!

  10. Easy and awesome! I'm trying to decide if I can make giant subway art for our dining room (like 4'x4'),and you give me so much motivation!

    You are quite possibly, the queen of Z Gallerie, Restoration Hardware knockoffs.


  11. Great Knockoff it looks fantastic! I'm now a follower!

  12. It turned out great! You did a wonderful job. I love how it looks.

  13. Hey just stopping by to say hello! We live just north of Boston! Great job!

  14. Hello, your signs are beautiful! They look super lovely in your decor settings too

  15. This turned out awesome! Great tips! I found your link on House of Hepworth's link party. I would love for you to post this on my link party at... http://www.doodlesandstitches.com/2012/05/link-party-time.html
    Thanks for sharing!

  16. Followed over from Funky Junk to see the subway art. I have been collecting different ideas for a piece and love this one. Thanks for the tutorial. I am your newest follower and will definitely be back.

    Distressed Donna Down Home

  17. I love subway art and you made this piece easy, good-looking, and inexpensive,plus personal. Why spend the hours on painting canvas when you can just print and frame. You have inspired me!

  18. I love this!! Seriously LOVEEE this! We have done something similar on a dresser but so ready to try some wall art! Great job!!!


  19. Really beautiful, I am a new reader, and going to have fun checking out your projects. Thank you for the post! :) Tanya

  20. I think my next subway art project will be printed, not stickers/vinyl like the one I made before. Great job! Thanks for linking to Handmade Tuesdays.

  21. Becca, The subway art turned out wonderful and I can't believe it took such a short time to make. Thanks for linking to the OHP this week.

  22. You have done a fabulous job. Thanks so much for sharing!

  23. I just adore your style! I am so glad I am a follower :)
    Have a blessed day!


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